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Welcome to WeBWorK.

Your user name is the same as the part that comes before the "@" symbol in your campus email address.

If you are a regular Cal State Dominguez undergrad then the first time you log in to WeBWorK your password will be the same as your current student ID number. (This is a 9-digit number that usually begins with a digit like "0" or "1" or "2".) Your student ID is not a secure password so please change it to something else after you log in!

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Welcome to WeBWorK. Please click your course to log in.

Your username is the sequence of characters that comes before the '@' symbol in your official CSU Dominguez Hills email address (not your gmail address or something else). For example, if your email address was then your username would be jdoe23. Do not change small letters to capital letters; in the example JDoe23 would not work.

The first time you log in your password is your student ID. It is NOT the same as your password on . After you log in please change your password to something else.