Information for students

Attendance Requirements

Unless otherwise stated in the course webpage, there are no attendance requirements except those set by the university.

Policy on Due Dates and Make-Up Work

Due dates for any type of assignment (including test, exam, etc) will be strictly observed. Make-up tests will only be given to those students who can prove that there were unforeseen reasons that prevented them from taking the test at the scheduled time.

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to maintain the utmost level of academic integrity. Academic dishonesty has no place in a university. Any violation of this code will be referred to the proper authorities and will lead to serious consequences. Students who have questions or concerns about academic integrity should ask their professors or the counselors in the Student Development Office, or refer to the University Catalog for more information. (Look in the index under "academic integrity".)

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Cal State Dominguez Hills adheres to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations for students with temporary and permanent disabilities. If you have a disability that may adversely affect your work in this class, I encourage you to register with Disabled Student Services (DSS) and to talk with me about how I can best help you. All disclosures of disabilities will be kept strictly confidential. Please note: no accommodation may be made until you register with the DSS in WH B250. For information call (310) 243-3660 or to use telecommunications Device for the Deaf, call (310) 243-2028.

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