Linear Algebra

General Info:

Prerequisites: MAT 271 with grade C or better.

Syllabus: Linear equations, vector spaces, matrices, linear transformations, determinants, eigenspace, linear and quadratic forms.

Textbook and References:

Course Management: BlackBoard

HW: Homework (5 pts extra credits) are given on Webwork


  1. Test 1 (25 pts) (9/18)
  2. Test 2 (25 pts) (10/16)
  3. Test 3 (25 pts) (11/13)
  4. Final Exam (25 pts+5 extra credits), accumulative, (Dec 13) 11:30pm--1:30pm.

Grading Scheme:

A A- B+ B B-
100--93  92--89  88--84  83--79  78--74 
C+ C C- D+ D
73--69 68--64 63--59 58--54 53--50

Schedule Outline:

Tentative Schedule
08-21Linear Systems 08-23Gauss-Jordan Elimination
08-28Gauss-Jordan Elimination 08-30Vector Spaces
09-04Labor Day 09-06Linear Dependence
09-11Linear Dependence 09-13Review
09-18Test 1 09-20Determinant
09-25Determinant 09-27Linear Maps
10-02Linear Maps 10-04Matrix Representation
10-09Matrix Representation 10-11Equivalence
10-16Test 2 10-18Similarity
10-23Diagonalization 10-25Diagonalization
10-30Minimal Polynomial 11-01Minimal Polynomial
11-06Linear Forms 11-08Linear Forms
11-13Test 3 11-15Quadratic and Bilinear Forms
11-20Inner Product 11-22Orthognality
11-27Orthogonality 11-29The Spectral Theorem
12-04The Spectral Theorem

Learning Outcomes: Please refer to this Expected Outcomes section.

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