MAT 191 Calculus I

General Info:

Prerequisites:MAT 153 or equivalent with a "C" grade or better.

The slope of a curve The derivative
Limits Sums, products and quotients
The Chain Rule Implicit Differentiation
Trigonometric functions and its inverse Exponential functions and logarithms
Max and Min Existence of Maxima and Minima
The Mean value Theorem Increasing and decreasing functions
Curves Sketching Polar coordinates
The indefinite integral The definite integral and area
The fundamental theorem and its consequences

Textbook: Short Calculus by Serge Lang, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics, ISBN-13: 978-0387953274 ISBN-10: 0387953272

Notes: The lectures will loosely follow the textbook and this set of notes.

Homework: We will use WebWork

Software: We will use Geogebra

Course Management: BlackBoard

Tests (20 points each): Test 1 9/15, Test 2 10/13, Test 3 11/17

Final Exam:Dec 11th (Mon) 10:00am -- Noon

Grading Scheme: HW 10 pts (proportional to the correct answers, 80% correctness earns to 10 pts), Tests 60 pts, Final 30 pts

A A- B+ B B-
100--93  92--89  88--84  83--79  78--74 
C+ C C- D+ D
73--69 68--64 63--59 58--54 54--50

Learning Outcomes: Please refer to this Expected Outcomes section.

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