Syllabus: MAT 271-01 Foundations of Higher Mathematics. Fall 2017. Jennings.

Class meets face-to-face, in the classroom.

MAT 271 Course description, prerequisites, and units.


Textbook and other required materials

Textbook: Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof by Ted Sundstrom. Download (free) and buy a cheap paper copy at . I recommend the paper copy, it's very convenient!

Please do not imagine that you can pass this course without a textbook. Students who try that always fail. The course is too hard to learn without careful study. You'll need your textbook starting on the first day of class.

Course requirements, grading, due dates, attendance, extra credit


Grading will be based on

Quizzes, class participation 30% of grade
Two Midterm exams (20% each) 40% of grade
Final exam 30% of grade
100% of your grade

Homework 30% of grade
Quizzes and Two Midterm exams 35% of grade
Final exam 35% of grade
100% of your grade

I'll give homework too but I generally won't grade it because complete solutions to the problems in the text are all available on the web, for example, claims to have them. I don't know if their solutions are any good.

Nevertheless homework is the most important part of the course because math is a skill that takes practice to learn. Don't copy solutions from the web, it's a waste of time. Working through problems yourself is the only way to develop a skill.

Occasional pencil-and-paper assignments will be announced in class and on the course calendar . Work is due on its due date; I generally don't give make-up work. I don't give "extra credit".

Attendance. I rarely take attendance but long experience shows that students who miss a significant number of class meetings rarely pass and almost never do well. You are paying us to teach you, but you can only get the value that you've paid for if you show up and participate.

Practice tests?

Some of my old MAT 271 exams are posted on my home page -- look for "Old exams". I doubt that my exams this semester will look like those old exams, but they might be useful.

Schedule of class meetings, readings, and exams

See the Course calendar (

Learning outcomes

Upon completing MAT 271 students should be proficient in the topics covered in the course calendar (

Computer and Information Literacy

Computers aren't important in this class.

Other official notices in the 2017-2018 university catalog

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Personal conduct

We all are adults so we all know what to do. Just follow the Golden Rule: treat the other people in our class with respect, as each of us would expect to be treated by others. In my long experience CSU Dominguez Hills students have always been very decent people, so this never is an issue. However anyone who cannot respect others will be removed from the class.