Master of Arts in the Teaching of Mathematics

Starting in fall 2004, the Mathematics Department will offer two options in our Master of Arts in the Teaching of Mathematics program. One option is intended for middle school math teachers, the other option is intended for high school math teachers. Please choose a link in the list below to find out about the two options. Select the link to the university catalog to find out about admission requirements.

  1. Middle School Option Requirements
  2. High School Option Requirements
  3. Schedule of Masters Courses: When are they Offered?
  4. Course Discriptions
  5. University Catalog. Open current catalog, scroll past "General Information" to "Academic Programs", click on the red button "Mathematics". When the page comes up look for "Master of Arts in Teaching of Mathematics".

Program Philosophy

Our program follows a "professional development" model for study. As such it has as its primary focus the teacher's continued development as a teacher of mathematics. It is situated in the world of practice and provides direct, explicit, and ongoing links to the teacher's world and classroom. This is accomplished through

A professional development program addresses the world of practice and the world of knowledge in a dynamic way.

Mode of Instruction

All of the courses in this program model interactive and alternative methods of instruction. Often the teachers work on projects together, investigate problems, and collaborate with other colleagues in addition to the university faculty. Our courses each have a strong technology component (calculators, computers, CD ROM, Video Laser Disks, etc.).

In keeping with the non-traditional nature of these courses, each uses a variety of alternative assessment techniques including, but not limited to: exams (oral and written), quizzes, journals, portfolios, group projects, and reports.