Four Year Program for the Math Option

Updated Sat May 8 13:58:53 PDT 2004

Students who follow the program below will complete the requirements for the Math Option of the Mathematics Major in four years if they earn at least a C in every course. The program does not include university requirements outside the math major, such as general education requirements, statutory requirements, the graduate writing assessment requirement, etc. Students should take care also to include these classes in their plans.

Notice regarding general education.

Suggested Programs for the Math Option

All courses are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Monday and Wednesday in the morning or early afternoon unless otherwise indicated.

# indicates courses offered in the evening.

First two years of Math Option.

Final two years of Math Option.

It is important to choose your program carefully because MAT 403 is offered only in spring semesters of odd numbered years (2005, 2007, etc.) and MAT 421 is offered only in spring semesters of even numbered years beginning in 2006.